Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tea & Vintage

I went to visit Catherine in her Studio on Wednesday and was delighted by the treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories that she has to offer. There’s a beautiful summer dress and a nice vintage print skirt that I am going to go back for. She says on her flyer that her prices are reasonable and it’s true, both the dress and the skirt are under £20 each (the dress alone would easily have been over £60 at the pretentious Hammersmith vintage fair).

Over a cup of tea I showed her my accessories designs ( flower brooches, fabric bead necklaces, petal necklaces and picture buttons)

and we had a good chat about the prospect of collaborating with each other and with other local designers. She also gave me a bagful of vintage scarves and other fabrics to play with,

it was really good to talk to her as she has given me some ideas to develop my designs and also gave me a positive feeling about trying to develop my own business and also a vintage/craft/fashion collaborative in Southampton. She was also kind enough to let me leave some of my postcards there for her customers to pick up.

Catherine is holding a sale at her studios in September and she has invited me along to sell my accessories. I’m excited about this as there is a much more direct and hands-on approach when you can talk to potential customers face to face rather than over the internet. She is also planning to hold a Christmas vintage/crafts fair somewhere in Southampton and hopefully I will be invited back for that.

I also bought a badge-it badge making machine off Ebay so the picture buttons are soon to become picture badges. yip yip


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