Monday, 16 March 2009

Just Say the Word, Stu-stu-studio

My spare room has transformed from just “a room with a sewing machine in it” to my Studio. I got the B-boy to put up a notice board and a shelf for me (the sturdiest straightest shelf I have ever witnessed!) and I have cleared out and organised my fabric stash. I also did my good deed for the week by freecycling a whole bunch of fabric scraps (check out it’s a brilliant web group for passing on and getting unwanted goods in your local area and preventing large amounts of usable items ending up as landfill, check it out, other people get rid of all sorts of cool stuff).
I got my dress form through from ebay (recommended seller: donangelicom) and also my 275m roll of pattern cutting paper (from
There’s still room for improvement in the studio as I am currently doing all my pattern drafting on a big bit of wood on the floor (which makes for pretty creaky knees) so I would still like to set up a proper work surface and there are still some other things on my wish list (especially a full length mirror and some non-flowery curtains). Last month a humungous IKEA opened here in Southampton so I guess this would be a good excuse to go and have a look and check out their fabrics and eat some meatballs.

sewing, Q-TIP and long long days

well i have been working my socks off, and not in my studio, in fact i haven't been there all week!!!! 12 hour shifts have sucked up all my energy.

Finally got to pop my head in on Saturday and after searching brixton high and low managed to get myself an allen key to fix my overlocker. did a bunch of boring jobs like fixing my friends top and getting some curtain fabric for my mates camper van. I am always happy to help out a friend but its making things from scratch that gets me exited!

I can get back to working on some things now, i will show you some pics soon..........

went to see Q-TIP at the weekend. Not only was he amazing but the roundhouse is a wicked venue had the best time dancing until 4 in the morning!

Laters Anna x

off to the studio tonight sooooooooo exited

Saturday, 7 March 2009

chloe sales broken overlockers and 40's cocktail bars

It has been a crazy week this week. Lots of running around and a million things to do. I have been spending all my free time in the studio and all was good until i broke my ovelocker! gutted so i will have to do a bit of make do and mend today, keep your fingers crossed for me. 
In the mean time i have been a girl about town looking at beautiful things at the chloe sample sale and drinking Gatsby cocktails at this place 

also met up with some lovely old friends still cant help feeling 2009 is going to be a good one.

Anna xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hello, were Anna (left) and Candy (right) aka everything for ever