Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Bank Holiday weekend was awesome, 4 days of sewing and watching Project Catwalk ( the UK version is even better than the US version but alas, there is no Heidi Klum.) When I finished watching series 3 I was left wanting more so I backtracked to series 2 and was pleasantly surprised to discover that a guy that I used to go to Uni with was one of the contestants! Brave Boy....It's not a show I'd want to go on, each episode is like "OK we want you to make an amazing outfit in 10 hours with nothing but this sack and you will be filmed throughout the whole ordeal and then slagged off mercilessly by Julien McDonald" No Ta!

The African fabric projects all turned out pretty well and I also made the high waisted black skirt to go with the green shirt(as pictured). I'm pretty happy with the necklace too although I've got alterations I am going to implement for the next one. I'm currently working on an African fabric dress that has the dimensions and allure of a bed sheet at the moment but will look great when I've finished.

I've received my 2nd order, it's for another draped back dress but this one is with a fitted pencil skirt and a rounded neckline. My customer is in London so I've made up the pattern and put together a quick toile and have sent it to AJ to fit to the customer before I make the real thing, she wants it for a ball on the 7th May. It's going to be in Black Silk Dupion with a Parasol print cotton in the drape.


Friday, 10 April 2009

Its penut butter and jelly time!

I love days off, long breakfasts, filling myself up on strong coffee and making my merry way to the studio.
Right now i also love streatham(trust me its taken a bit of time) 

      and so does she!

I have just been given a HUGE bag of leather its full of lovely goodies looks like its handbag time! I bought some lovely handles from a weird little shop near london fields ages ago. Full of good intentions they have sat in my studio unloved so with my new gift its time to set this show on the road! cant wait to show you the results hoping they look SICK! 

Candy showed you hers so i thought i would show you mine......well now i have sorted it out a bit. Showing your studio to anyone is like showing them your
 room, you only want to do it when its good and ready! well i am halfway there bought some more bits over the weekend i will show when its all done!


And last but not least, introducing, the peanut butter jelly dress 

hope you like it!

Have a sweet easter

love ya 

Anna x

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Hopes and Plans

Woop Woop, My first Etsy order for the dress is finished and looks good. I mailed it last Saturday in time for my customer to wear for her wedding dinner rehearsal at the end of April. I’m more nervous now than when I was actually making it, she should receive it tomorrow or early next week and I really hope it fits her well and that she loves it. If she sends any pictures of her wearing it I will be sure to post them here.

I made a mustard yellow corduroy bean bag cover last weekend (mmmmm!) I'm planning a Bank Holiday weekend of working with my African print fabrics that I bought last summer (and shockingly have done nothing with yet). Shirts, Skirts, Dresses and Necklaces are all gonna get the funky African print treatment...

I was given a DVD with a few episodes of Project Runway on last week and I immediatley became hooked. I thought I’d just watch one episode at a time but ended up watching all 4 that were on the disc and immediatley made B dowload the last two episodes so that I could watch them too. Heidi Klum cracks me up…


Friday, 3 April 2009

Burda Feat.Candy

I have been selected as a featured member on my favourite open source sewing forum Burdastyle.com... ch-ch-ch-check me out at: http://www.burdastyle.com/blog?filter=85

We now seem to be spinning a tangled web on the internet with our Blog linking to our Facebook group which links to our Etsy shop which links to our Blog which links to Burdastyle which links to Etsy etc etc...
Watch this space (and all the others) for more exciting updates coming soon....